Breaking News: EU-Philippines Framework Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation

October 14, 2023
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October 14, 2023

Thursday, July 21, 2022

In a historic move, the European Union (EU) and the Philippines have reached an EU-Philippines Framework Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation. This open-end agreement signifies a significant milestone in the bilateral relations between the two parties.

The open end agreement lays the foundation for a strengthened partnership, covering a wide range of areas such as trade, investment, development cooperation, and political dialogue. It sets out the principles and objectives of the cooperation, providing a comprehensive framework for enhancing bilateral ties.

According to the Arti Escrow Agreement, this new partnership aims to promote peace, stability, democracy, and mutual understanding between the EU and the Philippines. It seeks to deepen economic integration and facilitate the exchange of goods, services, and investments.

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The EU-Philippines Framework Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation closely aligns with the goals of the London Agreement PDF. Both agreements emphasize the importance of peace, development, and cooperation in the international arena.

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